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schamb 11.08.2014

Characteristics, Goals and Study requirements

Doctoral study programme "Medical Psychology and Psychopathology" is engaged in basic and applied research in biopsychosocial relationships. The proposed study opens up possibilities for interdisciplinary doctoral education not only for medical schools graduates, as well as graduates of psychology and some other related fields...

schamb 11.08.2014

Departmental Board

Structure of the deparmental board.

schamb 11.08.2014

Structure of Study

Description of the courses.
schamb 30.05.2017

First Year Exam

Elaboration of a review article on the chosen topic.

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Final State Examination

Topics for the final state examination.

schamb 11.08.2014

Criteria for Thesis Defense

Five criteria necessary for the defense of the dissertation.

schamb 11.08.2014

Defended Thesis

List of defended thesis.