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Education in Department of Psychiatry


Education – characteristics of the specialization

Contact for students: stepan.david@lf1.cuni.cz

Person responsible for the education:

Assistant Prof. Gabriela Jirečková, M.D., Phone: 22496 5357

Email: Gabriela.Jireckova@vfn.cz

Secretary for the education: 

Štěpán David, Phone: 22496 5345; email: stepan.david@lf1.cuni.cz

All questions about teaching should be directed primarily to the above contacts!!!

Time schedule

The education of psychiatry in the branch of medicine proceeds at the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in four-week blocks in the fifth year-class. In the study program, obligatory optional courses of a various orientation are included. Students will visit the Psychiatric clinic in Bohnice, the Institute of sexology on the Place of Charles and the Alcoholism treatment department at Apolinář. In afternoon hours, voluntary lessons are organized. In the framework of the tuition, all basic mental diseases and disorders are lectured. The emphasis is given on co-operation of students with patients. The study program is finished by elaboration of case record, passing the written test and oral final exam.


The main field of psychiatry students are getting acquainted with during the lessons are: history and organization of psychiatry, general psychiatry, affective disorders, schizophrenia, organic mental diseases, malfunction of personality, pharmacology, child psychiatry, sexual deviations, neurotic disorders a psychotherapy, biological psychiatry and addictive disorders. The next education proceeds in obligatory optional seminars involving psychogenic eating disorders, practical using of psychotherapeutic techniques (art therapy, relaxation techniques etc.), psychiatric sexology, forensic psychiatry, psycho-dynamics of mental disorders and biological psychiatry.


The scientific work is focused on biochemical and genetic study, on EEG problems of functional psychoses, mainly from the view point of psychopharmacological impact. In the field of biochemistry, the mechanisms and factors influencing psychopharmacological effects on a molecular level are studied, from clinical viewpoint levels of psychotropics are monitored with possibilities of their clinical use. Genetics research is lead by the effort of studying groups of patients which are defined by parameters promising a homogenization of these groups, mainly from standpoints of psychopharmacogenetics.


The psychiatric clinic offers medically preventive care for patients with psychical difficulties both sick-bed and ambulatory. It also provides a consultation service for the GTH and for all Czech institutions which ask for the service. State-wide, the clinic executes also super consultation service and elaborates institutional reports on demand of the Faculty. In 1964, a hot line was established in clinic. There are also specialized departments for a treatment of eating disorders, the lithium ambulance, the centre of psychiatric sexology and the centre of forensic psychiatry. In individual cases we offer an above standard care.














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