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Final State Examination

Questions to the final state examination of doctoral study (3rd year)

Part I. Medical Psychology:

 1. The role of medical psychology in today's medicine
 2. Bioecopsychosocial approach to health and its disorders, holistic medicine and biomedicine
 3. Developmental psychology
 4. Personality
 5. Human motivation
 6. The family and its importance to people
 7. The relationship patient - physician and their mutual communication
 8. A psychological approach to the patient and important people of his life
 9. Interview of a doctor with a patient
10. The principles of disclosure of adverse information to patients and their families
11. The first meeting with adult patients in clinical practice
12. Basic psychological care for outpatients
13. Psychological care for hospitalized patients
14. Psychological care of psychosomatic patients (including somatoform disorders)
15. Pain and its alleviation by psychological means
16. Anxiety and fear
17. Grieving and depression
18. Anger and aggression
19. The issue of death and dying
20. Mental crisis, psychological first aid and crisis intervention
21. Psychoneuroimmunology
22. Psychological diagnosis
23. Definition of psychotherapy
24. History and current state of psychotherapy
25. Indications and goals of psychotherapy
26. Psychotherapeutic change and its detection
27. Forms and means of psychotherapy
28. The psychotherapeutic relationship and psychotherapeutic process
29. Factors in psychotherapy
30. Research in psychotherapy
31. A general model of psychotherapy
32. Ethics and psychotherapy
33. Behavioral therapies (including cognitive and cognitive-behavioral approach)
34. Rogers' psychotherapy
34. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy
36. Logotherapy and Existential Analysis
37. Suggestive procedures including hypnosis
38. Shape therapy
39. Systemic Family Therapy
40. Psychotherapy and other forms of treatment influencing health disorders (social therapy, etc.)

Part II. Psychopathology:

 1. The position of psychiatry in today's medicine
 2. Genetic concepts in psychiatry
 3. Neurobiology
 4. Personality disorders
 5. Consciousness and its disorders
 6. The drives and instincts and their disorders
 7. Emotions and its disorders
 8. Thinking and its disorders
 9. Perception and its disorders
10. Memory and its disorders
11. Actions, behavior, will and their disorders
12. Intelligence and its disorders
13. Clinical psychiatric assessment, psychopathology analysis
14. Transcultural psychiatry
15. Neuroimaging in Psychiatry
16. Classification systems in psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology
17. Organic brain damage
18. Symptomatic mental disorder
19. Mental disorders due to alcohol
20. Mental disorders due to use of drugs other than alcohol
21. Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
22. Schizoaffective disorder
23. Affective disorders
24. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
25. Anxiety disorders
26. Reaction to severe stress and adjustment disorders
27. Dissociative disorders
28. Somatoform disorders
29. Eating disorders
30. Sexual dysfunction
31. Psychosomatics
32. Specific personality disorders
33. Gender identity disorders and disorders of sexual preference
34. Mental retardation
35. Child abuse, impaired social relationships, tic disorders
36. The legal status of the mentally ill and forensic psychiatry
37. Suicidality
38. Sleep disorders
39. Age in terms of psychiatric and psychological
40. Mental disorders in children

Compulsory literature:


Raboch, J., Zvolský, P.: Psychiatrie. Praha: Galén, 1. vydání 2001
Vymětal, J.: Lékařská psychologie. Praha: Portál, 3. vydání, 2003
Vymětal, J. a kol.: Obecná psychoterapie. Praha: Grada Publishing, 2. vydání, 2004



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