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Defended Thesis

Year Author Supervisor Topic
2007 Howardová Raboch Integrated day care in psychiatry as an alternative to conventional hospitalization
2008 Harsa Žukov Agression measurement and assessment using methods of psychological diagnostics
2008 Pavlová Papežová Eating Disorders: Epidemiology and Risk Factors
2009 Moravcová Weiss Attitudes and riskiness of the sexual behaviour of high school students in Prague related to HIV/AIDS infection
2009 Gerlová Weiss The Perpetrators and the Forms of Sexual Aggression at the Czech Republic’s Population
2009 Žuchová Papežová The Relation between Neuropsychological Characteristics and Clinical Status of Anorexia Nervosa Patients
2009 Fischer Žukov Depravation of personality by impact of imprisonment
2009 Koutek Hrdlička Suicidal behavior in childhood and adolescence
2010 Gláslová Bob Traumatic Stress, Dissociation and Schizophrenia: Psychopathological and Psychophysiological Charakteristics
2010 Soukup Papežová Dissociation in adolescence. Validation of the Czech version of the A-DES in the clinical and non-clinical group of adolescents
2011 Krulová Weiss Experience of the Czech Republic population with sexually aggresive behaviour
2011 Jasová Bob Stress and Limbic Iritability in Depresseion and Alkohol Dependency : Craving and Depression as a Disorder of Inhibitory Mechanisms?
2011 Uhrová Roth Psychosocial Aspects of Huntington’s Disease
2011 Klapilová Weiss The influence of oral hormonal contraceptive use on female sexuality: the evolutionary perspective
2011 Kravarová Papežová Psychosocial Effect Of Bariatric Surgery and the Patient’s Satisfaction with the Surgery
2011 Tomanová Papežová Multifamily Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
2012 Dudová Hrdlička Relationship of olfactory functions and psychopathology in patients with autism spectrum disorders
2012 Kotková Weiss Sexual functions of women with Parkinson’s disease
2012 Uher Bob Psychoneuroimmunology of alexithymia
2012 Nawková Jirák The picture of mental illness in the print media in three central European countries
2012 Hollá Weiss Sexual dysfunction amongst czech women
2013 Zvěřová Jirák Alzheimer’s Disease and Family Caregiver Burden. Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease on Family Caregiver Psychosocial Health
2013 Pastor Weiss Sexual dysfunctions in w omen with urinary incontinence
2013 Kuželová Ptáček Variability of somatic development of children with ADHD
2013 Kaminská Papežová Anorexia nervosa – selected genetic determinants and endophenotypes
2013 Nawka Raboch The use of coercive measures in psychiatry
2013 Doubek Raboch The use of telemedicine in affective disorders
2014 Otiashvili Miovský Non-medical use of buprenorphine in Georgia: prevalence, socio-demographic and environmental correlates, treatment and policy options
2014 Goetz Hort Cerebellar functions in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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