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The rules of the credit

The rules for the credit from psychiatry

For the credit must meet the following conditions:

1.  Presence 60 % on practical teaching courses with possibility of two additional days of absence, which have to be replaced according to the following instructions (Options). Absences due to covid we will deal with individually.

2. A submission written mental status of one patient prepared during courses with knowledge verification of the case.

3. Credit test - 45 minutes, 40 questions, success rate at least 75 %.

Instructions for compensation for the absence of practical courses

Students have the opportunity to replace two days of courses on free courses and then present confirmation of attendance when ask for credit. For confirmation of attendance is available at the secretariat of the department form „Náhrada stáže“.


- Participation in regular seminars (Wednesdays from 14 pm in the library, except the first Wednesday of the month);

- Participation in compulsory optional subjects (psychiatric case studies, child and adolescent psychiatry, a reflection of mental disorders and their treatment in film and literature), whose summary, contents and dates can be found on http://psychiatrie.lf1.cuni.cz/volitelne -predmety;

- Participation on Thursday open groups going on Addictology department in Apolinářská street (there should be pre-arranged i.e. to attend the women's ward nurses at the latest at 12:50 pm).

The given studies are held in the Czech language and it is suitable for students with at least basic communication skills of the language.

Apart from the already mentioned options, the absence can be compensated also by making a case report of a patient, whom the student had examined during the courses (of a different patient than for the credit), including a short essay (1 page A4) about the diagnosis of the patient and differential diagnostic considerations.

It is possible to attend special lectures in the English language which are taking place during seminars and educational events of the Psychiatric Clinic. They are irregular events and their timetable is always presented on the Psychiatric Clinic website or on the notice-board next to the secretariat.

It is also possible to compensate courses with the second block of the English parallel class but it is necessary to agree on this option in advance depending on the capacity of the study group (contact: stepan.david@lf1.cuni.cz).

In the giving of credit can be the guarant regardless of the conditions laid down by those rules take into account the individual circumstances of each individual student.


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