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Traumatic stress and psychophysiology of EMDR

Research Area:

  Addictions     Anxiety Disorders    Mood Disorders     Genomics   Psychopharmacology

  Eating Disorders    Psychophysiology    Neurodegenerative disorders                                    

 Cognitive Neuroscience    Schizophrenia   Traumatic stress   Social Psychiatry

Doctoral project name:

 Traumatic stress and psychophysiology of EMDR


RNDr. Petr Bob PhD.

Short project description:

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapeutic method for treatment of traumatic stress. Eye movements are related to function of cerrebelar vermis and vermis influences limbic irritability. The project should study impact of EMDR process on physiological measures and limbic irritability. The psychophysiological variables of depressive traumatized patients and healthy controls undergoing EMDR session will be analyzed.

Project goals:

To study the possible mechanism of action of EMDR – the influence on vermis functioning.


Project Milestones, Timing:

2008 – write review article on psychophysiology of traumatic stress and EMDR

2009 – publish the article

-          start research

2010 – research and analysis of results

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